October 23, 2016
Yes✔️this is a video clip of the AMAZING gluten free bread they serve at Wine Country Trattoria at Disney California Adventure. And yes, I did put the song 🎧Can’t Stop The Feeling by Justin Timberlake🎶 on this video clip because good gluten free bread is a big deal, but great gluten free bread is what I eat in my dreams. Anyone else eat in their dreams too? lol Seriously though, this Local Oven gluten free bread is so yummy you guys!! It’s fluffy and it’s doesn’t crumble into a million pieces or come filled with holes, it actually tastes like bread – REAL BREAD. I think I eat more bread in the few days I go to Disneyland than I do on a regular basis – that’s how great this bread is 😍So next time you’re at Disneyland please make sure to go to several of the allergy friendly restaurants and tell me what you think of the gluten free bread.
Click HERE to view the video
The Gluten Free Nerd

February 8, 2016
I just want to say thank you. I know you were having difficulties  yesterday, but you managed to get my order out. You made my fiancé  totally happy. She is a bread lover and had breast cancer and brain  cancer last year and has been recovering. But she can never eat soy  again. She has been wanting good bread for so long and you made her  dream come true by sending the best bread she has ever had! She is SO  happy which makes ME happy! Thank you! I will be buying again soon!
Michael D

July 13, 2015
I’m SO thankful to have discovered Local Oven yesterday while eating lunch  at the Disneyland Hotel! When my hamburger arrived, I figured the  kitchen had made a mistake. I double checked, but was still skeptical as I took my first bite. I immediately went to the kitchen to check again. Surely they had made a mistake. I have tried countless GF buns and  breads, but none are soft and “springy”. And this one even tasted good – not dry and stale like so many other brands. I’m almost embarrassed to  be writing this, but I am still bitter (after 6 years) of not getting to eat “regular” breads and baked goods like gluten-lovers can. It took a  little effort, but I finally discovered who this hamburger bun was made  by. I must get my hands on more Local Oven products!

Geoff H, CA

Jan 5, 2015
I just wanted to let you all know first, I love your hamburger buns and  onion rolls!!!!  I ran out a few weeks ago and had to eat a “backup”€?  hamburger bun and it was, we’lI no longer even keep them for backups anymore.  They just don’t compare.
Shanna H – Dallas

December 15, 2014
My husband and  daughter who have Celiac disease had the opportunity to try the  hamburger bun at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at the ABC Commissary.  My  husband thought that the Local Oven hamburger bun was amazing and easily the best GF hamburger bun that he had ever tasted.  He said the texture was almost like that of a regular gluten filled bun!
Krista S.,  Kentucky

November 24. 1914
We could not fit the cheese cake in our freezer, so we had to thaw  in the refrigerator and cut a couple of pieces just to sample! OMG, that is the best cheesecake we’ve ever tasted, bar none.  We figure it  will last for 6 days we only have one slice each a day, so we’ll  probably be back next week.
Thank you so very much for making this possible!!!

Bev C. – Dallas

March 4, 2014
I hate you.  Releasing such deliciousness into a world where there are people with my waistline is pure evil, and those  brownies can only be a work of the devil. They have the same degree of  addictiveness as crack cocaine.  And while they are, admittedly,  probably better than any brownie I’ve ever tasted when warmed up (and  remember, I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s) they are pure pornography for  the mouth when frozen. That’s right, I munch down on them straight out  of the freezer. The taste is intensified, in my opinion, and there is  no hint of anything that would denote gluten free. They are little  squares of excessive sin that will undoubtedly send my soul straight  into the fiery regions of Beelzebub where I shall sizzle and regret for all eternity.

Ok, now the short version: DAMN they’re good!
Jim C, Texas

February 9, 2014
The brownies were amazing!  After heating it up for 15/20 seconds,  it tasted like it was straight from the oven. Loved the little pockets  of gooey chocolate – chocolate chunks. Perfect texture and taste – I  wouldn’t change anything!!
Kylie G., Dallas, TX

November 14, 2013
I just wanted to thank you for your bread. I cannot eat gluten and I have been telling myself this whole time that I did not miss it. Every time I eat Gluten Free bread I have to heat it up from being in the freezer or refrigerator and then it is spongy and well…GROSS. Then I try your bread. Well….it actually tasted like BREAD. I am a mother of 5 and we have dinner as a family every night. I have had your hamburger bun and hot dog bun and I am still in awe of the fact that after reheating it in the microwave, it still tasted like bread. Good bread! On top of that, my cousin also has a gluten sensitivity and she came over to do my hair (she is my beautician). As she was having coffee and I was having my hot chocolate, we ate the biscotti. I swear we were in heaven. So again…THANK YOU!!!  I know I sound a little dramatic here, but I just can’t tell you how happy you have made me as well as my cousin. We just forgot how good bread could be. I have plastered you all over my Facebook page for all of my gluten free friends to see.So AGAIN..THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!
Cori M.

October 27, 2013
I  bought the hamburger buns and the pita bread — had my first hamburger bun  tonight for dinner.  This is absolutely, without qualification, the best  bun I have eaten since being diagnosed celiac — soft, fine grained, with a  pleasant taste!  I am looking forward to trying all of Local Oven’s  products.
Edith S., San Antonio, TX

July 1, 2013
I tried the Local Oven gluten free bun at Bread Winners restaurant  in Plano, TX  today. It was wonderful..the texture was so good that I  had to ask the waiter if they made a mistake and served me regular  bread!
Winnie E.

May 27, 2012
We stayed two nights at the Gaylord Texan for our anniversary (chosen from the list of hotels on your site), and I just wanted to say thank you! I enjoyed (gluten and dairy free)  blueberry pancakes, bacon and egg breakfast sandwich, and a pulled pork  BBQ sandwich. It was a delicious way to spend our anniversary!
Amy S

April 3, 2013
Local Oven Bakery, produce the best gluten-free breads, hands-down, in  the baking industry! As Food Service Director at Gilmont Camp and  Conference Center, I have had the pleasure of serving their products  (and personally tasting them!) at our Great Gluten Escape summer camp  for the last several years. What’s most important, is that kids of all  ages really enjoy the Local Oven gluten-free breads while on our  premises.
Kimberly T.

March 20, 2013
My tastebuds (and tummy) are so happy.. Eating Local Oven products feels like a PARTY in my mouth! Yummy! “
Nellie L.

March 9, 2013
“Thanks Local Oven! You are my 16 year old’s happiness. Gotta love the buns and baguettes!!!!!”
Heidi D

March 4, 2013
“This bread is amazing. Made my daughter an egg salad sandwich yesterday with the baguettes. Incredible! She is so happy to have subs and sandwiches again that tastes like what she loves!!!
Thanks guys for being so willing to share your talents with the world! Just saying…the biscotti is my fave.

Karen H.

February 25, 2013
Thank you for the follow up call – my daughter loves the rolls! Finally a ”normal“ school lunch to eat in the cafeteria!
Ramona K

June 2012
“I recently found out about Local Oven from a friend who’s child has Celiac and I feel as if I have died and gone to heaven!  I was  diagnosed with Celiac’s a year ago and it has been rough!  The two  things I loved the most – crusty bread and going out to eat were taken  away!  Now I can have yummy crusty bread and I can go to my favorite  burger restaurants – Twisted Root and JC’s to get my burgers!  Thanks!”  Melissa S.

January 17, 2013
Todd and his wife, of Local Oven Bakery, produce the best gluten-free  breads, hands-down, in the baking industry! As Food Service Director at  Gilmont Camp and Conference Center, I have had the pleasure of serving  their products (and personally tasting them!) at our Great Gluten Escape summer camp for the last several years. What’s most important, is that  kids of all ages really enjoy the Local Oven gluten-free breads while on our premises.”
Kimberly T.

November 20, 2012
Just finished my GF dressing made in the CROCKPOT with y’all’s ONION ROLLS!! It is FABULOUS!!! Hope it cools and I can get it in the freezer before the man gets home or I’m afraid I’ll be making it again. (Which  wouldn’t be terrible because it really was easy!). Thanks so much for  making GF deliciousness!!   
Melanie H., Dallas, Texas

November 12, 2012
“My definition of awesome, delicious, scrumptions buns, rolls, and pita  bread is found at Local Oven. I am telling everyone that i know.”       Jeanette F., Farmersville, Texas

June 2012
“I agree with your review of Local Oven. They are  AWESOME. Not only have hamburgers, garlic bread and pita sandwiches  returned to our home menu, we can eat out at lots of places in Dallas! I think so many restaurants have been willing to stock their products,  because they can feel confident in the quality of the food brought to  our table. Plus, it is wonderful to be able to take my girls out and let them eat like ”normal kids”  Elaine L.

June 2012
“I saw that Twisted Root was serving gluten-free buns, and I went  there the very next day – and found one of the best gluten-free buns  I’ve ever tasted.”  Aaron S.

April 2012
“Local Oven in Carrollton has changed my  life! If you are gluten free….go to their location and get yourself  some gluten free products that taste normal!! If you are a restaurant  owner….us gluten free/Celiac sufferers would really love to have more options when we eat out!!! They say “There’s no gluten…..and no one  knows.” It’s absolutely the truth!!!”

Courtney G.

February 2012
We ate  at Kenny’s Burger Joint Sunday night and I almost cried when I bit into  my burger with a GF Bun !!! It was so good and the first burger I’ve  eaten with a bun in 5 1/2 years. Thanks sooo much for sending out the  emails to tell us where to find your products. Good stuff!!

Jamie H.

January 2012
Todd – I had a cheeseburger on one of the buns I got from y’all on Saturday and it was incredible.  I want to thank you so much for supplying people like me with a product like this.

I wrote a post on my blog about you.  You may feel free to link to it or reproduce it in any way you like.  A link to it on your facebook page would be awesome.  The link is here:http://themetalspoon.wordpress.com/2012/02/06/local-oven/

Hopefully we will be able to make our dream of opening an entirely gluten-free restaurant a reality and will be able to work with you.  In the meantime, you will see us from time to time as we make it over to stock up.  I’m really looking forward to trying the other products.  Thank you again and God bless.

Dave Jennings

From: Food Quality Magazine, October/November 2011

Get a Feel for Texture
Versatile and cost-efficient analyzers are critical product evaluation tools for food companies of all sizes.  What you will find interesting in this article are the texture measurements of the localoven.com Bauguettes compared to the old fashioned wheat versions.  Take this link and scroll down.