February 8, 2016
I just want to say thank you. I know you were having difficulties?? yesterday, but you managed to get my order out. You made my fianc???? totally happy. She is a bread lover and had breast cancer and brain?? cancer last year and has been recovering. But she can never eat soy?? again. She has been wanting good bread for so long and you made her?? dream come true by sending the best bread she has ever had! She is SO?? happy which makes ME happy! Thank you! I will be buying again soon!
Michael D

July 13, 2015
Im SO thankful to have discovered Local Oven yesterday while eating lunch?? at the Disneyland Hotel! When my hamburger arrived, I figured the?? kitchen had made a mistake. I double checked, but was still skeptical as I took my first bite. I immediately went to the kitchen to check again. Surely they had made a mistake. I have tried countless GF buns and?? breads, but none are soft and springy. And this one even tasted good not dry and stale like so many other brands. Im almost embarrassed to?? be writing this, but I am still bitter (after 6 years) of not getting to eat regular breads and baked goods like gluten-lovers can. It took a?? little effort, but I finally discovered who this hamburger bun was made?? by. I must get my hands on more Local Oven products!

Geoff H, CA

Jan 5, 2015
I just wanted to let you all know first, I love your hamburger buns and onion rolls! I ran out a few weeks ago and had to eat a backup hamburger bun and it was, we’lI no longer even keep them for backups anymore. They just don’t compare.
Shanna H Dallas

December 15, 2014
My husband and daughter who have Celiac disease had the opportunity to try the hamburger bun at Disneys Hollywood Studios at the ABC Commissary.My husband thought that the Local Oven hamburger bun was amazing and easily the best GF hamburger bun that he had ever tasted.He said the texture was almost like that of a regular gluten filled bun!
Krista S., Kentucky

November 24. 1914
We could not fit the cheese cake in our freezer, so we had to thaw in the refrigerator and cut a couple of pieces just to sample!OMG, that is the best cheesecake weve ever tasted, bar none.We figure it will last for 6 days??we only have one slice each a day, so well probably be back next week.
Thank you so very much for making this possible!!!

Bev C. Dallas

March 4, 2014
I hate you. Releasing such deliciousness into a world where there are people with my waistline is pure evil, and those brownies can only be a work of the devil. They have the same degree of addictiveness as crack cocaine. And while they are, admittedly, probably better than any brownie Ive ever tasted when warmed up (and remember, I grew up in the 60s and 70s) they are pure pornography for the mouth when frozen. Thats right, I munch down on them straight out of the freezer. The taste is intensified, in my opinion, and there is no hint of anything that would denote gluten free. They are little squares of excessive sin that will undoubtedly send my soul straight into the fiery regions of Beelzebub where I shall sizzle and regret for all eternity.

Ok, now the short version: DAMN theyre good!
Jim C, Texas

February 9, 2014
The brownies were amazing! After heating it up for 15/20 seconds, it tasted like it was straight from the oven. Loved the little pockets of gooey chocolate chocolate chunks. Perfect texture and taste I?? wouldnt change anything!!
Kylie G., Dallas, TX

November 14, 2013
I just wanted to thank you for your bread. I cannot eat gluten and I have been telling myself this whole time that I did not miss it. Every time I eat Gluten Free bread I have to heat it up from being in the freezer or refrigerator and then it is spongy and wellGROSS. Then I try your bread. Well.it actually tasted like BREAD. I am a mother of 5 and we have dinner as a family every night. I have had your hamburger bun and hot dog bun and I am still in awe of the fact that after reheating it in the microwave, it still tasted like bread. Good bread! On top of that, my cousin also has a gluten sensitivity and she came over to do my hair (she is my beautician). As she was having coffee and I was having my hot chocolate, we ate the biscotti. I swear we were in heaven. So againTHANK YOU!!! I know I sound a little dramatic here, but I just cant tell you how happy you have made me as well as my cousin. We just forgot how good bread could be. I have plastered you all over my Facebook page for all of my gluten free friends to see.So AGAIN..THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!
Cori M.

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